Friday, 1 February 2013

Goolie Chits

I've been reading this over the last few days, having added a secondhand hardback copy to the bookshelf a while back. It's a very interesting read, covering interwar colonial police actions by the RAF in various far flung corners of the Empire. This has been an interest of mine since childhood, as my grandfather was a Sergeant Pilot on the North West Frontier in the 1930's and told me many hair raising stories about his exploits:

The book is a long out of print but is a fascinating gold mine of potential wargaming scenarios, stretching from the Russian Civil War, via Somaliland, to the North West Frontier and Palestine. If I ever got round to this it would probably be another Back of Beyond effort in 28mm, for which (you guessed it) I have all the figures, vehicles and model kits for a NWF flying column.

I also think it would be very straightforward to set up something in 20mm, perhaps using Tumbling Dice figures and the multitude of plastic aircraft kits that would be suitable for the job. You could even have a crack at the NWF in 10mm with Pendraken figures and Wings of War aircraft, easily re-painted in suitably colonial schemes. It's a thought but that's as far as it will ever get, given my existing mountain of things to do!

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  1. Excellent book. Love this and The Day We Almost Bombed Moscow...