Friday, 22 February 2013

Whispering Death

I've been reading this on the Kindle HD over the last couple of days. It covers the author's time as a navigator with No39 Squadron, my Grandfather's erstwhile unit, at first on Beauforts in Malta but later on Beaufighters in North Africa. It's a bit pedestrian in places but the accounts of maritime strikes on Italian and German shipping are very stirring and definately useful as material for scenarios.

I have some Museum Miniatures Beaufighters in the box and wouldn't mind painting up eight of them, four as torpedo armed and four as anti-flak aircraft. It might be fun to try out the anti-shipping rules in Bag The Hun as a change from the usual dogfights. I have other things to do in the meantime but this is a potential project for later in the year, especially as the Beaufighter is such a cool aircraft.


  1. I'm pretty sure a very long time I recall reading that it was the Japanese who coined the nickname 'Whispering Death' for the Beaufighter. Any ideas if that is correct or not? I agree the Beaufighter is a cool aircraft right up there with the Mosquito.