Saturday, 9 February 2013

Full Thrust February [4]

I finally got round to some painting today, having been really busy all week with several evenings spent at work or going out. The Full Thrust ships have been wetbrushed in GW Fenris Grey, followed by a drybrush in GW Shadow Grey and GW Fenrisian Grey. I'm not sure it was worth the drybrushing, as the subsequent wash in Future has blended it out. I'll probably give them a further light drybrush in GW Space Wolves Grey tomorrow, once the Future wash has dried properly. I'll then tackle the details including the bridge windows, engines and antenna.


  1. I really like these, nice paint scheme.

  2. Great paint job on great ships.


  3. Very nice - that's a very effective blue grey - might I suggest some white accents to go alongside the detailing - they should look great when done.