Thursday, 7 February 2013


You may not know (or even care), but I'm a bit of a fan of the less than sensible Lost World school of prehistoric, people versus dinosaur, style games. This was the result of a rash purchase of Chris Peers' excellent Saurian Safari rules on Ebay several years ago. This inevitably led on to a series of games at the club in which my hordes of plastic dinosaurs were blasted to bits by various be-whiskered stiff upper lipped Victorian gentlemen including, most notably, the Right Hon. Compton Pauncefoot III Esq. (now sadly eaten).

I digress. Anyway, having set up and played a number of very silly games in the murky jungles of the Jurassic and having founded a Lost World Safari yahoo group, which is still up and running, I have neglected this period for quite a while in pursuit of other intangible things. Today, however, I have purchased a proverbial shot in the arm, in the form of a double download of Caveman! and Eat Hitler!, both of which promise much multiplayer Mesozoic mayhem up at the club.


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