Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I discovered this bookshop in Wells yesterday and bought a whole stack of new hardbacks all for less than half price. It really is an excellent shop and, for some reason, had several books that were directly related to my current projects. The lady in the shop said they usually have 'obscure' books that no one wants to buy...except for me that is?

Anyway, first up are two hefty books for the Bag The Doodlebug project, the first of which lists every single V1 interception in chronological order by aircraft type, together with details from the pilot log books, combat reports and eyewitness accounts. Very useful indeed!

Second, we have three books for IABSM, the first two focussing on the 15mm 5th DCLI late war project and the last for the Burma 1944 project, both of which are waiting in the boxes for a suitable excuse to start. I've read books by both authors and know that they're very well researched, well written and packed with useful information.

Thirdly, a couple of books for BTH2 which are about different aspects but of equal interest. I was waiting for The Decisive Duel to come out in paperback but now have a hardback copy for a lower price, which is great. The USAAF book has some particularly fine colour profiles and ties in well with my, yet to be based up, late war fighter collection that I'll be putting together to use against the Luftwaffe.

Finally, there's a copy of Angus Konstam's The Spanish Armada, which is the usual glossy offering from Osprey. I like Mr Konstam's books as they are well researched and very colourful, with plenty of line drawings, maps, photos and artist's illustrations, all of which make them very inspirational for wargaming projects. 

...not a bad collection and well worth the trip to Wells, although there's also a branch of Superbook just down the road from me in Romsey. I think I'll be making a trip before long for some more very affordable and extremely useful military history reference material! 


  1. Excellent finds sir. I used to get loads of cheap as chips history books from the Works, they always had obscure history books for about 50% less than I would have to pay anywhere else.

  2. Be interested to see what you make of the Delaforce books.