Thursday, 21 February 2013

Full Thrust February Finished!

I finished off the Neu Swabian fleet this afternoon by over-painting the red strips on the models with the same blue-white shades as the engines. I didn't like the original red version so thought this would look better. It's not great but it doesn't clash half as much as the first time round. I was intending to add some decals but this was too fiddly, so I didn't bother in the end. They're a bit 'ho hum' but there you go.

I have some larger dreadnoughts, battleships and carriers that I could build but I think I'm Full Thrusted out for the moment. I also have more Brigade Models spaceships that I'd like to paint up but these will be a future quick painting project, as I have plenty of other things to tackle for the moment. If I get the time tomorrow, I'll try to get started on the Spitfires MkI's for the Finest Hour campaign.


  1. Nice work - now for some games! :-)

  2. Thanks Steve,

    Just got to find the time!