Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Special Delivery

I've been looking after the kids this morning while the wife has her hair done and the workmen attempt to re-connect us with the gas main. I think they're doing a special 'two trenches for the price of one' offer this week, as they've now dug a slit trench along the front of the house beneath both of the doors. They've now disappeared down the road, leaving us besieged so who knows when it'll all get sorted.

Anyway, I've used some of the time to write up the scenario for the Bag The Hun game on the 12th March, which is hopefully going to give us some experience with bombers. I couldn't find an exact historical set up that matched what I wanted to do, so I've done a bit of a 'what if' based on the No185 Squadron diary for December 1941:

Sunday 14th
'A' Flight at readiness at 13.00. 4 A/C went out as a cover patrol for some Blenheims coming ex-Gib. 4 more A/C were scrambled to intercept the first four (the interceptors were apparently shot down!!)

A bit of a cock up by ground control or just the fog of war?

Anyway, in my version of events, the initial cover patrol runs into some stiffer opposition in the form of six Macchi Mc202's of 73a Squadriglia that have intercepted the incoming Blenheims and are attempting to shoot them down before they can reach the comparative safety of Malta. This will allow me to re-use the cards that I already have for the Italians and the RAF from a couple of the previous Malta scenarios, with only a handful of new ones required for the bombers and air gunners.

This will be the last of the Malta games for the moment but I have plenty of material for future scenarios, so I'm sure to write up some more once I've run the Finest Hour campaign to it's conclusion. I'll also be running a warm up game of Bag the Doodlebug on the 12th, so it should be a fairly busy evening. I'll be painting up some extra V1's for this once I've finished the Full Thrust ships this week.

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