Saturday, 16 February 2013

Holiday Plans

I'm off for the weekend to Somerset but, when I get back, I have lots of things to get done during the half term holidays. To start with, I have a game of X Wing on Tuesday at the club, so I'll be reading up on the rules while we're away to make sure I know what I'm doing.

I'm also running a BTH2 Malta game on the 12th March, which I need to write a scenario for using my Blenheims, so that we can have a go with the bomber rules. As a warm up, I'll be running a game of Bag the Doodlebug, so I may paint up a couple more V1's so that more than one player can take part at a time.

This will take up a fair bit of time but, if I manage to get an afternoon or two free, I'm going to finish off the Full Thrust Neu Swabian fleet then tackle something else. The late war Luftwaffe are ready to paint so may get my attention but I also need to base up the Spitfires for the Finest Hour campaign that I'm planning to kick off after Easter.

These are essential for the campaign but there are also some optional extras that I could tackle, including re-basing and tarting up twelve of the Raiden Miniatures Junkers 88A4's that I painted for the club participation game a couple of years ago. These will make it much easier to vary the set up when rolling up the scenarios.

If I get even close to finishing that lot, then I'm planning to start a new project for completion after Easter, with WW2 coastal warfare in 1/600th scale as the likely option. I've wanted to do this for years, having played numerous games of the old TTG micro game MTB back in the 80's. This time round it'll be Action Stations!

...lots to do but not a lot of time to do it in!

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  1. Ooh, 1/600 coastal. You'd better not get me drawn back into that and distract me from my lake steamers and the Turbot War! :)