Monday, 28 June 2010

VBCW BUF CV 33 Tankette

After a bit of a delay, the last of the Italian vehicles for the BUF force arrived from the Wargames Command Post on Saturday. It's another tankette but this time the conventional machine gun armed CV33 version. I thought about adding it to the Reds Militia as a captured machine but I think I'll paint it up to match the BUF flamethrower as originally planned.

The VBCW game is back on and scheduled for 6th July, although we'll be using Warhammer Great War with some sort of card based turn modification rather than Through the Mud and Blood, as it will be quicker to get the game up and running. I'm still planning to use TTMAB for the Ambush at Corfe Castle game although it'll have to be after the summer. As the Reds will be done by then I can at least try out the mechanics and the scenario before setting up the game for real.

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