Thursday, 17 June 2010

Warlord Imperial Romans

The Warlord Romans arrived this afternoon from North Star and, needless to say, I'm now inspired to tackle them as soon as the VBCW Reds are done and dusted. I think I got the last of the deal from North Star as the prices on the damaged boxed sets have now gone up by a couple of quid.

On first inspection the various sprues are very clean and the sculpting is pretty good. There's plenty of variety in poses and equipment options, which should make it pretty straightforward to produce units with a bit of flair. I can see why the move to plastic has been so popular and why 28mm is the way to go.

I mentioned the fact that I'd got a good deal on some wargame figures to the Ministry of the Interior and she didn't bat an eyelid, so I'm planning to get a few extras in the futile expectation that she won't notice. It's worth a try! I think a few Auxilliaries would be entirely justifiable, together with a ballista or two?


  1. This is starting to become a mirror of my life! I've just picked up a pile of Warlord Romans on eBay for half price. I wasn't planning to do EIR as I have some WF Republicans (another North Star offer) and Celts (again watch eBay these go for 1/2 price very often) but couldn't resist. Hoping to put some time away pver the summer to do a Romans blitz...

  2. Spooky.

    Thanks for the tip off about ebay, very useful.

    I'm thinking about tackling mine in a few weeks as a quick production line effort, if I can steel myself to do them all in one go.