Thursday, 28 June 2012

Adventures in Jimland Cavemen

I thought I'd add some native figures to the Adventures in Jimland project but, rather than use Blue Moon Deep Dark Africa ones, I've decided to go for the Copplestone 15mm 'Picts'.

These are archetypal pulp low browed cavemen complete with big pointy sticks and stones, so will look pretty cool as a lost world prehistoric tribe. The other advantage is that they come in two packs, one bow armed and the other with hand weapons, which is exactly what I need.

I've also splashed out on a Copplestone Nanotyrannus carnosaur which will look pretty impressive next to the 15mm figures. I had one of these a long time ago and it's a cracking sculpt, full of character and detail. I'm now looking for other 15mm compatible dinosaurs and beasties  to complement the handful that I already have in the leadpile.


  1. Yes I am collecting these Copplestone figures and the detail is amazing!

    Looking forward to seeing these painted!

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  3. Try Khurasan for more 15mm dinosaurs if you haven't already as they have a few.