Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ironclad Inspiration

I was fortunate enough to find a new shrink wrapped copy of this excellent book in Romsey today at fraction if the cover price. It's a transcription of the diary written by a Royal Naval officer who observed the events of the Peruvian-Chilean War of 1879-1881. It includes a range of superb sketches and watercolours, together with expert eyewitness evaluation of the ironclad actions that make it a perfect subject for steam and steel naval wargaming.

Very inspirational!


  1. Nice. My daughters belong to TS Marlborough (Abingdon Sea Cadets). When HMS Marlborough (our affiliated ship) was refitted and sold to Chile, she was renamed CNS Almirante Condel. The Chilean Navy took our cadets on a day trip from Portsmouth to Portland, via the coast of France, before she left for Valpiriso. You should come across Almirante Condel in this book as it covers the early part of the War of the Pacific. Enjoy

  2. This bookshop sounds amazing...! Are you sure you want the rest of us in there....?

  3. It's a great shop fact, it's called Superbook!

    It's in the high street and well worth a visit.

  4. I found a similar copy in our local model shop in Stroud. Very pleased :)