Monday, 10 February 2014

More Jungle Huts

A trading post in Darkest Africa?

The nucleus of a Japanese HQ perhaps?
The two jungle huts that I ordered via ebay arrived today, so I'll be putting at least one of them together this evening, assuming I get some time at the workbench. These are a small village house on stilts and a plank style low village house, both from the Sarrisa Precision Far East range: 
I've now located the relevant page on the Sarrissa website on which the whole range is available, so may purchase my next additions directly, especially as the Arcane Models ebay store that I've used doesn't have all of the buildings.

I've been very happy with the Arcane Models prices and delivery times, though, so will stick with them as far as I can to support the small trader. I may even bang off an email with a request for some of the bits that he doesn't yet stock, as there are some really nice buildings in the Far East range.

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  1. Very nice range of buildings
    One to follow for sure