Monday, 3 April 2017

A Postcard from the Protectorate

I've been scouring the internet for inspirational images of Aden and the Radfan, with a focus on colour rather than black and white, of which there are plenty of photos to choose from. The range of colour images is a bit more limited but they are out there if you search around. I also discovered that the Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry were stationed in Aden in 1966, which connects very well with my existing interest in the 5th Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry of the Second World War, albeit it in a roundabout way.  It also looks like I can have at least one FV432 and a couple of Stalwarts, not to mention a Hawker Hunter FGA9 for air!


  1. Interesting stuff. A curious hybrid of WW2 and modern counter insurgency.

  2. Yes, lots of character and iconic kit.

  3. I have just finished listening to "The War That Never Was" .. Yemen in the same era. Not official UK involvement but deniable Territorial SAS and ex-British Army officers training teh Royalists against the Egyptian backed Republicans. A wee bit naughty to say the least ...