Thursday, 6 January 2011

2011 Projects

It's a bit late but, now that I've had a chance to ponder the leadpile, here are my plans for 2011, from 28mm all the way down to 2mm, give or take a few diversions along the way.


I really want to tackle the Darkest Africa project, with two forces so that I can play solo if needs be. On the other hand, the Pike and Shotte starter army is looking like a strong contender as well.


This is the Rapid Fire! 5th DCLI project that I'm currently trying to wade through.


Only one contender in the one true scale, as it's all ready to go and just needs painting. It has to be the AK47 dictatorship army, although finishing off the PITS project would be equally useful for solo gaming.


In 10mm I have promised to do a Warmaster Ancients dark ages army, which will probably be Norse rather than Early Saxon, as no one produces an affordable / complete Early Saxon range and I already have some Vikings anyway. I also really want to do the Noggies or Italians for BKC2.


This is really 1/285th, as it's all about Bag The Hun late war Luftwaffe for Operation Bodenplatte and some more Allied planes to shoot them down with.


To finish off we have everything in 1/600th scale that I want to get on with, which is a pretty comprehensive list including WW2 coastal warfare, the MiG Alley project and ACW ironclads for Iron and Fire. What I decide to do will depend on the time I have left and whatever fires me up at the time, although I really should finish the MiG Alley stuff first.

So, there you go.

How much of this actually gets done is a  completely different question!


  1. Some great stuff indeed there!

    What rules do you use for MIG Alley gaming - Bag the Hun2?

  2. I was planning to use the Wings At War MiG Alley rules but, as the planes are based with magnets, I will also use them with Bag the Mig and hex bases.

    Neat eh?

  3. Very cool- looking forward to seeing how it comes out!