Thursday, 13 January 2011

Rapid Fire 5th Battalion DCLI [11]

I've now basecoated all of the infantry and the vehicles using Humbrol Matt Olive Green and Dark Earth, so it's onto the painting process over the next week or two. I've decided to try a different approach with the infantry in an attempt to speed things up and turn out a company of figures in sixty minutes or less, if possible.

The first stage is to wash the figures in the usual Klear based gunge mixture, so that the basecoat is toned down a bit and seems less flat and so that I can see what I'm painting in greater detail. You can see how this works in the pictures above. The figures have lots of engraved detail which stands out really well with this initial base washing.

The next stage will be to pick out the webbing, flesh, rifle, helmet and boots in their respective shades, which I have yet to work out but which will probably be from the Foundry range. After that, I'll do a bit of quick highlighting and then do a second, lighter wash to bed things in. Finally, I'll add some shoulder flashes and divisonal patches to finish off the detailing.

That's the plan.

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