Monday, 10 January 2011

Pike and Shotte Reinforcements

The Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Dragoons finally arrived in the post today, together with a box of Cuirassiers that I picked up on Ebay for half the asking price, so my English Civil War stockpile is well and truly reinforced. I've had a job squeezing the various boxes onto the shelves but they're now safely stashed on the corner of the workbench.

The dragoons are pretty much essential for what I'm thinking of doing, so I may need to get another box set at some point for the opposition. The lobsters are, however, less useful but still very cool! They're nice figures too and are already asking to be painted up. I need some artillery and a few command figures but, otherwise, the Cornish will be ready to go when I eventually get round to starting them some time later this year.


  1. The Lobsters are a must for roundway (runaway) down if your doing the western battles.

  2. Good point. I'm planning to keep things centred on Cornwall and west Devon in the main, with the focus being on semi-skirmish and small battles like Braddock Down, Sourton Down and Beacon Hill.

    There are some neat rules for campaigns in the 1644 rules, which I could use to set up a mini solo campaign using whatever forces i eventually get round to building.

    I can start off with some skirmish level stuff then move up to larger 'regimental' level battles.

    That's the plan anyway :O)