Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Rapid Fire 5th Battalion DCLI [6]

After a lot of very helpful suggestions, I've had an initial crack at modelling some scrim netting on the Sherman III that I put together yesterday. In the temporary absence of some surgical gauze and PVA, I thought I'd have a go with some green stuff and plastic filler.

It  seems to have worked out reasonably well. I need to add some substance to the scrim netting, using some tea leaves, dried herbs or scenic flock but otherwise I think it's not looking too bad? I still need to add a couple more items of stowage but, otherwise, I'm fairly happy with the overall result.


  1. Good stuff
    ,I've been putting the same models together for my US task force. Mine look a bit plain though time for some stowage I think.

  2. If you need some spare Sherman road wheels, I'll have a few left over after I've finished.