Monday, 10 January 2011

Rapid Fire 5th Battalion DCLI [9]

I finished off the last Sherman for A Squadron 4/7th Dragoon Guards or Sherwood Rangers (I still haven't decided which yet) this evening. I'm running out of stowage bits and bobs so the last one looks a bit spartan. I think I have some 1/35th scale bedrolls and such like in a box in the loft somewhere that I could use as tarps etc, so all is not lost. I've added some applique armour in the meantime for good measure.

If I have time, I'll add the scrim netting to the Firefly and Sherman III tomorrow, together with a plastic card base for each tank. I can then undercoat them and the rest of the vehicles with Humbrol Matt Light Olive 86 spray. The figures will get a basecoat of Humbrol Dark Brown 29, which I'm planning to use as a starting point for a fast painting production line, with the emphasis on pushing the figures out quickly rather than being over fiddly on the details.

I'm hoping to get started on the painting in the second half of the week. I'm slightly disturbed that my erstwhile opponent, Jon, is now on his second Rapid Fire! force, while I haven't even maanged to get a whiff of paint on my stuff. I think I need to give myself a comprehensive boot up the arse!

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