Tuesday, 4 January 2011

To The Last Round

I finished Hill 112 a couple of days ago, bringing my holiday reading list to a very succesful total of three books. It was well worth the time spent reading it, being a very thorough and thoughtful account of Epsom and the assault on Hill 112, with plenty of detail on the 43rd Wessex Division in particular.

Funnily enough, when we shot off the peripherique to head toward Rennes the other day, we took a wrong turn due to some dodgy diversions by the Gendarmerie and ended up in an industrial estate at Verson. After a five minute trip around the one way system we ended up in the right direction but, in the process, we drove through the start line for Epsom and the left flank of the Scottish Corridor, without even realising it. 

Anyway, I'm now reading To The Last Round by Andrew Salmon, which is very well written and looks like being a bit of a page turner. I've always been interested in the Korean War and picked up this book a while back as potential inspiration. Thus far, I've not been disappointed.

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  1. To The Last Round was on my Amazon wish list but unfortunately Father Xmas didn't read it! :-(