Sunday, 9 January 2011

Rapid Fire 5th Battalion DCLI [8]

I've had a full on weekend with little time for any wargaming related pursuits, so haven't moved the Rapid Fire! stuff very far toward the finishing line over the last 48 hours. We spent Saturday in London at the IWM as my eldest is studying the home front at school this term. It was a good excuse to go again, as it's a great museum for kids and for I hadn't been for a couple of years at least, so well worth the visit.

Anyway, I did get the Armourfast Sherman Firefly kit built today, in between Rugby practise, ironing and making another tank kit for the sprog, who was impressed by the AFV's at the IWM and wanted one for himself to take to school. As you can see, I chopped off the skirts and added some stowage, although I need to add some more plus the scrim netting and base to finish it off.

Not a great achievement but something nonetheless.

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