Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pike and Shotte Artillery

I have definately completed my plastic pile for the ECW project with the purchase of a couple of field pieces for my Cornish army. I got a reasonable deal on these and saved about a fiver overall, so not too bad. I may well get a couple of lighter guns from Redoubt and convert some foot figures into crews, as I very much doubt that either side used more than drakes or falconets in 1643.

Anyway, the pile is well and truly stacked with enough figures for at least five or six foot regiments and half as many cavalry, together with a few dragoons and extras. I now need to work out which of the Royalist and Parliamentarian regiments I'm going to complete, together with the unit size, musket to pike ratio and basing system.

I'm thinking of 12 pike in bases of four, together with 12 to 16 musketeers in single bases per regiment. This would allow me to model some visually neat pike blocks and, at the same time, free up single musketeer figures for skirmish gaming. I may base the command figures in singles as well, with a command unit consisting of an officer, an ensign (or two) and a drummer / fifer.

This is a long way off, however, as I still have plenty of other things to be getting on with...

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