Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Battle of Braddock Down, January 1643

I've been thinking of the units I'm going to build for my Cornish Royalist army and have been doing some reading around the subject, both in print and on the net. As part of this research I stumbled across this online article and scenario on the Renegade Miniatures site for the battle of Braddock Down, which just happens to have taken place 368 years ago yesterday:

I quite like the option of building the five core foot regiments of the early Cornish army plus a regiment of cavalry or two. This would give me a good force to start with that I could add extra bits to as and when I wanted to. The regiments were those of Sir Bevil Grenvile, Sir Nicholas Slanning, Colonel John Trevanion, Colonel William Godolphin and Lord Mohun.

Anyway, we're off to Cornwall at half term for a few days so I'm going to have a first hand look at the battlefield for myself, as well as a trip to Pendennis Castle which I haven't been to for years.


  1. Sounds really interesting - I envy you your visit to the original battlefield - what are you thinking about the coat and flag colours for these regiments? I believe info is a bit thin on the ground for these early Royalist units...

  2. As there's very little, if anything, to go on I was thinking of just painting the figures up in civilian clothes, perhaps with field signs added to distinguish each regiment.

    I may have one or two regiments with uniforms, as such, but these will be pretty toned down shades.

    I have no idea about flag colours, so will probably make these up as fairly generic red, blue, yellow or green.

  3. Sounds about right, I think, and should allow you to field a number of units - I did read somewhere, that there is a possibility that they might have carried what some sources believe were old Trained Band 'stripey' Colours - likely horizontally striped in contrasting colours, black and white for instance, which would evoke their Cornish pedigree.....other options might involve Gyronny 'quartering' - should look cool, anyway!

  4. Yep, I read somewhere that Col Slanning had horizontal blue and white bands on the regiment's pikes...who knows?

  5. that might be a modernism (the modern SK regiment has blue and white bands on the Regiments pikes, like Godolphins has blue and yellow stripes).