Monday, 3 January 2011

Rapid Fire 5th Battalion DCLI [5]

I finished off the PIAT, 2'' and 3'' Mortar teams today, although this involved a bit of re-basing rather than starting from scratch. However, I also cleaned up and assembled the carriers for the support company and the attached 5th Middlesex MMG platoon.

Finally, I cracked open the HaT Armourfast M4A2 kits and built a Sherman III for the 4/7th Royal Dragoons Guards or Sherwood Rangers (I haven't decided which yet). I added some extra stowage and a turret box but I think I need to add some sort of scrim netting to make it look the part.

I have several possible approaches to this including the ubiquitous green stuff, PVA soaked tissue paper or old tights sprinkled with 'past it's use by date' oregano. Whatever I come up with will be a bit of trial and error to put it mildly. The other tanks will, hopefully, be assembled tomorrow.


  1. For scrim netting I'd recommend ASDA's self adhesive bandage roll which I used on these Marine scouts:

    The self adhesive nature helps hold it in place while the wood glue dries.

  2. tarp rolls out of green stuff is easy , and effective..

  3. I think more of soemthing is definately needed.

    Thanks for the tip about the ASDA bandage..I'll have to track some down.

    Off to the garage now to try a few experimental things...I may be some time.