Friday, 28 January 2011

Outrider Download

I was surfing through Wargame Vault this evening, on the hunt for useful free stuff, when I noticed that Outrider had been uploaded and was available for downloading. As a result, I've splashed out an extortionate £7 and now have the rules, counters and roadway terrain to peruse at my leisure.

It took a while to download but it looks like a very well designed and presented game system. I'll have time to read through everything tomorrow (hopefully) so will post my initial thoughts on TMP to encourage a bit of interest, which is always a nice thing to do when a small publisher puts something together that deserves some attention.

I'm off to Sainsburys with the sprogs tomorrow to do the weekly shopping (the wife is taking tea with a lady friend and I get to drag the offspring around for a couple of hours), so a few Hot Wheels may well end up in the bottom of the trolley...

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