Monday, 5 November 2012

Bag The Hun 2 North Africa Game [3]

It was back to work today and, as usual, I had to hit the ground running and haven't really stopped until now. I have had a few moments to think about the turn cards for the BTH2 North Africa game, however, and have had a quick look at what I've already got on the laptop. I have several sets of cards that I produced for use with the first edition of Bag the Hun, which could be used for BTH2 with minimal alterations.

I knocked these rather basic but functional cards up for the last game desert game a few years ago but I think they're a bit too rough and ready now. I'm going to try to produce something less rudimentary and a bit more inspiring, if I can work out how and if I have the time. I may end up with some good old fashioned cut and paste but, at the very least, it'll look better than these old school versions. I'll see if I can find some decent colour images to use for a start, which is harder than you might think.

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