Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New 'Oooh Shiny' Tumbling Dice Stuff

As I was chatting with the Tumbling Dice man the other day at Warfare, he mentioned that he had a new webshop thingy with all of the stuff that he's had waiting in the wings available to purchase. The old website was great but hadn't been updated for years, so many of the newer models in the catalogue that I wanted weren't actually available.

These included some 1/600th WW2 German sea and floatplanes, some coastal forces air sea rescue boats and some ACW forts in 1/12400th for the Victorian Ironclads project. I picked a selection of these goodies up on Sunday from the Tumbling Dice stand but thought I'd also have a look at the new website, just in case:

Lo and behold, I find a brand new selection of starter packs for 1/600th and a load of really useful new aircraft as well, including obscure and not so strange inter war planes for the Spanish Civil War. However, the best bit is a new range of mid to late Victorian ironclads for the British and the Frnech, as well as a load of generic torpedo boats and patrol craft in 1/2400th!

I've shown great self restraint and have only ordered three ships to add to my existing early to mid Victorian fleets, with the French ironclad ram Taureau as my favorite from the selection. This was a bizarre one off design that resembled a capsized hull with a funnel plonked on top and a stonking great ram sticking out of the front, but I think it's pretty cool.

There's more on the way apparently and I for one wish Paul all the best with this long overdue revamp!

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  1. Hmmm - but no photographs of any products.

    Think he needs to get that sorted - a web portal with no photos isn't much use.