Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bag The Hun Malta Game [6]

In between marking seemingly endless exam papers this week, I've been working out the exact details for the Bag The Hun 2 Malta multiplayer game that I'm running at the club next Tuesday. As previously mentioned, this is based on a scrap between 73a Squadriglia Mc202's and Hurricane IIb's of No185 Squadron on the 1st October 1941, in which Squadron Leader Peter 'Boy' Mould was shot down and killed.

The Italian Order of Battle that I have worked out is historically accurate and features the six experienced pilots of the Regia Aeronautica that actually fought in the engagement. The pilot ability ratings are based on actual confirmed combat claims up to the date of the scenario, so they're pretty accurate. A seventh pilot, Sottotenente Querci had to leave early due to oxygen supply problems, so I've organised the flight accordingly:

Section One

Capt Pluda (CO) (veteran)
Sgt Mge Dallari (veteran)

Section Two

Capt Ivaldi (regular)
S/Ten Oblach (veteran)

Section Three

Ten Bonfatti (junior ace)
Sgt Gino (veteran)

I have an odd number of players so needed to split the Italians into three pairs, which is what they would probably have done in reality. They have fewer aircraft than the RAF but have the advantage of using Bogey Markers at the start of the game, will be flying up sun and have an altitiude advantage as well. The Macchi Mc202 also has a higher rate of roll than the Hurricane IIb and has an advantage at maximum altitude, so the RAF will be on the back foot to begin with, even though they have a slight edge in numbers.

...more on the make up of A Flight No185 Squadron later.

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