Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I had a cracking introductory game of Maurice at the club this evening, with Mike as the umpire and Paul as the opposition. Mike provided the excellent figures and ran the game really well. I took the defending British side and Paul the attacking French, with an equal number of units for each army. The card based mechanics were very effective and made the game very tactical. In the end, it was a bit of a draw, with the French getting a bloody nose at the expense of crumbling British morale. A really enjoyable and fast moving game, which played well and looked fantastic!


  1. Very nice looking minis on that table!
    Maurice is an excellent set of rules, much-much better than Lasalle.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time from the pictures. I think the best battles end in 'kinda sorta' ties.

  3. They are looking wonderful! Colors are really impressive!

  4. Glad to hear the game when well and my what a gorgeous looking army.