Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bag The Hun Malta Game [5]

Another very busy Sunday but I did get an hour or so to add the theatre bands and tail insignia to the Mc202's, which was a bit of a tricky job but came out OK in the end. The fuselage bands were masked off then painted with Vallejo White. They're not too bad but I need to blend them in somehow as they're a bit stark and none too tidy if you get up close.

I'd love to add some microscopic Squadriglia codes but I don't have anything in the decals box small enough to fit. The tail crosses are cut down from a 15mm Italian tank decals set but I only had enough to kit out six of the nine aircraft. Luckily, I only need six fighters for the scenario but I'll need to find some more decals if I'm going kit out the rest of the Italian collection.

I've also been researching the events of 1st October 1941 and have found this account written by Flying Officer Peter Thompson in No185 Squadron's war diary:

'The CO was leading A Flight in a scramble after a +2. These he spotted and proceeded to give chase. As they were above him, he was compelled to lose speed in order to gain height. A further plot of +9 then appeared which he apparently did not hear about owing to R/T failure, and just when he was unfavourably placed - he had followed the +2 out of the sun - the formation was jumped by about a dozen Macchis. F/O Murch was hit in the wing and several other, in an attempt to turn to engage, spun off. The situation was hopeless and our pilots broke off the engagement and returned to base - with one exception, the CO.'

I've also ordered a copy of this book from Amazon, detailing the involvement of No185 Squadron in the defence of Malta, which will be invaluable in filling in the details for the final scenario write up. It's due to arrive on Tuesday, so I'll have a week to pick out the information that I need and convert it into scenario briefings for the Italian and RAF players, together with some nice new turn cards.

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