Friday, 9 November 2012


I decided to sign up with the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers the other day, which is something that I've always meant to do but somehow never got round to. 

My interest  is down to the fact that I have a pretty good collection of Aeronef and ran a Scramble for Africa campaign at the club a few years ago, since when the fleets have been gathering dust which is a bit of a shame. In addition I have a small but perfectly formed gang of diecast Hotwheels conversions for Mad Max style post-apoc road warfare, that has only been used once or twice for lack of a decent set of rules. 

Then there's the Iron Cow ONESS battlegroup that I started on earlier this year and which only need a few extra bits to be ready for deployment. If I add this lot to the, as yet untouched, 28mm Tomorrow's World Future FFL and Full Thrust fleets in the leadpile, it gives me plenty to get my teeth into that fits the remit of the SFSFW. I think it'll definately be worth it, especially if it gets me to use some of these long lost models and get some new mini-projects off the starting block.

In fact, I've promised myself a solo game of X Wing this weekend as a reward for good behaviour.



  1. Welcome to the SFSFW community _ you'll love it!

  2. Been a member since the mid 90s and never regretted it. Welcome aboard :)