Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bag the Hun Operation Bodenplatte [3]

A couple of years ago almost to the day, I started a mini-project to paint up a selcetion of late war Luftwaffe fighters for an Operation Bodenplatte game, using my newly completed RAF Spitfire XIV's and Tempest V's as the opposition:

I was thinking of a bit of a change from the on-going Malta project, so have decided to set up another game of Bag The Hun 2 at the club in mid-January, using the Operation Bodenplatte plan as a basis for something a bit different. I have four players signed up already, so I now need some planes!

This means that I'll need to base and paint up the really nice Museum Miniatures FW190 Doras that I bought for the initial project, together with some Bf109K's or G's that I also have in the relevant box, although the latter are an optional extra.

I'd also like to do some USAAF P51D's or p47D's to add to the RAF fighters that I already have, using as simple a scheme as possible to speed them along, with as much bare metal as I can get away with. I may not have time for this but, if I can get them done, then I will.

It should be fun as a painting project and not as fiddly as the last lot (I hope!).

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  1. very cool indeed maybe throw a Ta-152 into the mix? Look forward to seeing the progress! I would love to play, but its a little hard from across the pond!-Tail End Charlie