Sunday, 18 November 2012

More on Malta

The latest addition to the bilbliography for the Malta Bag the Hun 2 game, which is making me lean towards this as a potential campaign setting even more. This is a great book, with a day by day account of the air campaign  and stacks of reference material on specific units, aircraft and actions. A particularly useful feature is that there are individual chapters not on units but of actual types, my favorite being the one on the S79's (I must paint up some of those Museum Miniatures models on day).


  1. My grandpa was a "Marconista" (Radio operator) onbard of the SM79 durig the war, this lighted up in me a veritable passion about this plane.
    If you want I could try to send you a bunch of pictures of the real thing I took at the Vigna di Valle Italian air museum. I also have a lot of italian magazines with various war pictures of the SM79 in actio... Let me know if you are interested, I'll try to scan them for you..

  2. I own that book. My brother bought it in Malta years ago. It is very good.

  3. Hi,
    I haven't forgotten what I've promised you. Last monday I was at my parents house and I found the magazine about the Savoia marchetti 79 during WWII. As soon as I get my scanner back online I'll scan for you the part about Malta and the mediterranean, then, if you need some help and if you want, I can resume what's written (the magazine is in italian).
    About the vigna di valle air museum, if you send me your email I'll send you the pictures about the SM79.
    In the mean time, please go check my blog for an old post where you'll find some of the pictures..
    I hope this helps..
    Ciao! ;)