Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bag The Hun Malta Game

The game went fairly smoothly at the club this evening but was a bit pedestrian and lacking in pace. This was down to some over balancing on my part and some dodgy dice rolling by the Italians, who often got into good firing positions then blasted away to little effect. This wasn't helped by the robustness of the Hurricane II's and the piddly armament of the Mc202's, which was offset to a degree by their better performance and rate of roll.

I'll tweak the scenario to fix these glitches but I think it has passed the play test. In the end the Italians either ran out of ammuntion or were chased off the table, so it was a narrow victory for the RAF. On the other hand, the Hurricanes were repeatedly outflown by the Italians and suffered the most damage, even though it was only slight and would have been easily repaired.

The top pilot award goes to Tenente Bonfatti who, with his trusty wingman Sergente Gino, made several audacious long burst attacks at close range on the enemy, albeit to minimal effect, then proceeded to out fly the opposition right to the the end of the game, using every complicated turn in the book to evade the bandits on his tail. Bravissimo!

Thanks to Paul, Andy, Alan, Colin, Mike, Caesar and Martyn for taking part.

Anyway, here are some pictures....


  1. That does look like seriously good fun.

  2. I have to say that the models look fantastic and the game looks like a definite winner. We play Watch Your 6! which is OK but BtH looks better!