Thursday, 15 November 2012

Warfare 2012

Not mine...somebody else owns these, move along, move along...

I'm really snowed under with work at the moment, hence the lack of progress with either the SAGA figures or the scenario for the Bag The Hun 2 Malta game. I have collated a number of references for the latter, however, and have now got quite a lot of detailed information including, for example, the identities and experience of the individual pilots for both sides.

Anyway, the good news is that I've been cleared to take the boys up to Warfare on Sunday, which was originally booked up with a rugby match and DIY in the garden. I'm hoping to spend a couple of hours at the show and to pick up a few bargains including a copy of Maurice (if I can find one on special offer), some Artizan Senegalese Tirailleurs for In the Heart of Africa, something from Peter Pig, Pendraken or Tumbling Dice(as usual) and whatever else grabs my attention.

See you there!

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