Friday, 16 November 2012

Dead Man's Hand

These new rules from the Great Escape Games stable have piqued my interest, especially as I already have a decent collection of 28mm figures for Legends of the Old West, which seems to have died a bit of a death at the club of late. It looks like a standard gunfight based game, using a randomised card based system to determine the outcome of the turns, which looks a lot like my sort of thing.

They're running a demo at Warfare over the weekend, so I'll pop along and see what it's all about. If the rules aren't too expensive and don't seem too wacky, I might pick up a copy to make the most of my otherwise redundant cowboy collection. It may even give me an excuse to paint up yet another posse of bad dudes?

PS These grizzled lawmen and banditos definately need a bit of a more ways than one.

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  1. Ever heard of 'Blackwater Gulch'? I also have a copy of Foundry's old west rules too. No figures but always wanted to do a ACW raid - Kentucky/Missouri border or Hatfields v McCoys if you've been watching that... :)