Friday, 23 November 2012

Bag the Hun Malta Game [7]

That was a really, really long week...

...but,  I have worked out the details for 'A' Flight No185 Squadron RAF, with a bit of educated guesswork and some slightly less dodgy background research. I had the identity of three of the pilots involved in the dogfight on the 1st October but was able to work out a likely composition for the rest of the flight, using a combination of the combat reports and squadron diary in the excellent book that I acquired for the purpose.

The exact make up and colour coding of the individual sections is based on possibilty rather than probabilty, using a best fit with the information at my disposal.

Yellow Section

Sq/Ldr Mould (CO) (junior ace)
F/Sgt Knight (regular)

P/O Veitch (veteran)
F/Sgt Hayes (regular)

Red Section

F/Lt Jeffries (junior ace)
F/Sgt Jolly (veteran)

F/O Murch (veteran)
F/Sgt Ream (regular)

The Hurricane IIb's that equipped No185 Squadron don't feature in the Bag the Hun 2 aircraft data tables, so I've worked out a set of factors based on an amalgam of the stats for the Hurricane I and IIc, taking into account the slightly improved performance of the Mark II over the Mark I:

SPD [7] / MAN [5] / ALT [6] / ROC [2] / ROB [3] / SIZ [1] / FRONT [8] / AMMO LIMIT [14]

I thought about increasing the firepower rating but, as most Mk II's had only eight guns rather than a potential maximum of twelve, this seemed a little unrealistic. I have, however, uprated the robustness factor while retaining the altititude and ammunition capacity of the Mk I. It's a bit of a suck it and see solution but I think it'll work out fine in the actual game.

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