Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bag The Hun Malta Game [8]

The Ministry of the Interior offered to take the sprogs out to the local garden centre this morning, so that I could shift the pile of exam marking that I have to complete for next week. This was much appreciated as it gave me a few hours to get the work blitzed and liberated the afternoon for bashing together the Bag The Hun scenario for Tuesday. In return, I did the ironing and the weekly shop, then cooked up a not half decent chicken chasseur for supper.

Anyway, I decided to stick with just an umpires' briefing rather than produce individual notes for the RAF and Italian players. As I'll be running the game, I'm sure that this will be more than adequate and will give me the opportunity to brief the players face to face, so to speak. It also fits in with the format of the scenario briefings in the Bag the Hun rulebook and the TooFatLardies Specials, so it's a good compromise and quite in keeping with the style of the game.

Now that the scenario is written up I need to produce the turn cards as listed on the sheet above. This is a not inconsiderable twenty three card deck but I'm planning to make them look reasonably decent, if not up to the standard of the last set that Duncan created for me. I have some ideas for the presentation of the various cards and have sourced some pretty good illustrations to make them look suitably impressive. I'm hoping to get them done at some point tomorrow, ready for printing and laminating on Monday.

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