Thursday, 20 May 2010

War of the Running Dogs

I got this through the post today having picked up a copy on Ebay. It looks like a good read and will hopefully give me the tenuous justification to add yet more lead to the pile. I've got the Inkerman 28mm range in mind for this so will need little persuading. There's a series of rather mixed but interesting reviews here:

I've also been giving some thought to cards for a VBCW game using Through the Mud and Blood. I've read through the relevant sections of the rulebook and am in the process of working out what I need for the BUF platoon.

I'm also thinking of using one of the scenarios from the Triumphant Standards supplement to set up a game. At the moment, the ICW scenario Ambush at Kilmichael looks like a frontrunner, albeit in a relocated setting amongst the leafy lanes of the Isle of Purbeck.

Finally, I've undercoated the Red Militia figures that I cleaned up and based yesterday and have completed the flesh tones to bring them in line with the figures I painted up earlier in the week.

As my Musketeer figures are a long way off, judging from recent posts on the GWP, I've also ordered a few packs of extras from Empress to round off the Reds, including some International Brigade riflemen and LMG teams, plus some Soviet advisors to use os officers and commissars.

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