Monday, 17 May 2010

VBCW Red Militia Gun and Tow

I cleaned up, based and undercoated all of the Communist Militia over the weekend, together with the Musketeer Lancia armoured lorry and the Copplestone Putilov field gun. As you can see the lorry will be used as a tow for the field gun.

I've gone for the Humbrol Grass Green spray undercoat as it's one I've used before on my Back of Beyond Bolshevik armoured vehicles. It gives a nice light tone to the following layers and matches a Soviet light green quite well.

The Westwind French Resistance figures that I'm hoping to convert into gun crew have been dispatched today, so I should get them either tomorrow or the day after. I'm sure they'll look fine as gun crew with only a little conversion as they'll be tucked away behind the gun shield when it's deployed.

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