Monday, 3 May 2010

BUF Convoy

I started on the lorries for the BUF this evening but didn't get much done as I only had an hour to spare. I glued some aluminium mesh over the windows so that I didn't have to paint the cab interiors and so the grenades bounce off (in theory at least).

Other than that it was just a case of a couple of coats of spray satin black (I've run out of matt black) and a then a brushover of Foundry Charcoal Black Shade to cover up any gaps and take the shine off the surfaces.

Once the paint has fully cured I'll be giving them a three stage drybrush of Foundry Phlegm Green so that they match with the CV35 tankette, although they'll also need some drybrushing and weathering to add a bit of contrast, as well as having the flatbeds at the back painted up in a nice wood effect. I should be able to get a fair way along with this tomorrow evening.


  1. Are the trucks from Musketeer or are those YestYear Matchbox??

  2. Yesteryear or Days Gone By, one or the other.