Monday, 19 November 2012

A Sorry SAGA

I've decided to shelve the SAGA Viking warband project (again) as I simply have not enough time at the moment to spend on them. They'll get dusted off sometime next year but, for the moment, they're back in the box. I've come to the conclusion that I can only squeeze in very simple and/or very small painting projects with any chance of actual completion, with a standard working week or weekend being the optimal turnaround timeframe. 

I'm also far better at painting things than little people, so will be turning my attention toward ships, aircraft and spacecraft in 2013, so that I actually get some projects shifted. That's not to say that figures won't be in there somewhere but they'll definately be taking a back seat. So, I'm going to try to get one or two such mini-projects done over the next month as a test of this new approach to painting...

...more about that later.


  1. I'm afraid the inevitable realisation that I'm just not quick enough at painting struck me the other day, all very frustrating!

  2. I say take the long view. I just finished up some vampire Count figures I started painting back in 2005. you still have the figures and they can still get painted just not now. Take the long view.


  3. That's just not true!
    Some of your AK47 and 28mm figs are very well painted.

  4. This will be sad loss to the world of figure painting - but never say never!
    & I'll still give you a game of Saga sometime :)