Friday, 2 November 2012

SAGA Vikings [5]

We got home from Cornwall this evening, after a seemingly never-ending traffic jam punctuated trek up the A303. They really need to do something about that road. Anyway, while trundling along in the linear car park, I decided that November will be SAGA month and that I will finish the longboat load of hairy Viking types that I started on back in June.

The thinking behind this is that: a) it's a bit of a change from tiddly planes, b) it shouldn't take too long (?), c) it's already a quarter done, and d) I have a potential opponent lined up for a game. I haven't ditched the PITS project, on the contrary in fact, but will move it on to 2013 as one of my big projects to complete rather than try to squeeze it into the dying days of 2012.

In the meantime, I still need to finish off the stuff for Bag the Hun over North Africa, including the Hurricane bases and the details on the Blenheims, but I'm hoping to get these wrapped up over the weekend. I need the planes for the game on the 27th, so the sooner I get them finished the better, as I also need to work out the scenario and knock up some turn cards to match.

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