Sunday, 18 November 2012

That was Warfare 2012

We had a good day at Warfare, with some small but useful acquisitions and a game to keep the boys entertained. As you can see, my haul was modest but I'm pleased with the results. I had a really good chat with Paul from Tumbling Dice, then bought some 1/600th scale German floatplanes, an RAF rescue launch and an Admiralty drifter (whatever that is?), for coastal warfare games next year. I also bought a couple of 1/2400th scale coastal batteries for the Victorian naval project that I started a couple of years ago...nuff said about that one.

To complete the shopping basket of goodies, I finally got round to buying a tin of Army Painter dip, for use with the Darkest Africa natives and whatever else I can think of. This was followed up with some decals for the Bag the Hun 2 Italian aircraft and, last but not least, a very cool GZG VTOL drone thing, for the ever untouched 28mm Tomorrows World FFL project, which has yet to see the light of day let alone the lick of a paintbrush.

The boys had a great game of Rampage!, courtesy of the Dunstable Wargamers, who ran a very slick and friendly operation. This consisted of 6" Ben 10 plastic monsters stomping their way through a city of skyscrapers, with 10mm US troops, tanks and helicopter gunships in hot pursuit. It was perfect for the kids and very well presented, so a big thankyou to the chaps who had the dubious pleasure of enterntaining the offspring.

I meant to stop off for a game with chaps running the very popular Wing of War set up , but reality intervened and it was time to go home before we had the chance to take part. I also failed to locate the Dead Man's Hand game, even though I spotted it on the way out as we rushed to catch the train back home. Nonetheless, it was a fairly painless and rather enjoyable day, with a minimal hit to the finances and some good demo games to enjoy. 

Sorry for the absence of photos...forgot the camera again (duurrh)

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  1. Quality little haul of booty there. I thought GZG only did the VTOL in 15mm?

    Rampage does sound like it was fun. Too bad you didn't see much of Dead Man's Hand, I've only just heard snippets of info, but it all sounds good.