Monday, 16 December 2013

Knights of the Sky Kitbash [5]

My daughter was sent home from school this morning feeling sick, so I got the job of looking after her all afternoon. This meant I had some time to crack on with the Pflaz DIII while she went to sleep on the sofa.

I've added the undercarriage, which is less flimsy than I thought it would be, added the engine exhaust stack and machine gun barrels, stuck on the tailskid and spray painted the tail to make it look less boring. I've also added the decals, which were a pain as they disintegrated and had to be replaced with spares from the bits box.

I now need to add the upper wing, interplane and cabane struts, which I'm not looking forward to at all. I also need to paint the pilot figure and squeeze him into the cockpit, which is always a tricky job to get right. It's a bit of a rush bodge job but it's good practice and will add an unusual fighter to the collection.

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