Friday, 27 December 2013

Xmas Bonus

I've been looking for a set or rules to use for the Alto Cenepa air war for ages, which involved helicopter v. helicopter actions with fighter, ground attack and COIN aircraft thrown in for good measure. It's easy enough to find modern air warfare rules covering fixed wing aircraft but helicopters are rarely dealt with other than as an adjunct to ground rules.

I'm hoping that Hind Commander might bridge the gap, without being too complex, fiddly or biased toward ground attack NATO v WARPAC type scenarios. I already have lots of 1/600 scale aircraft models for the Alto Cenepa war from Tumbling Dice, so this may be a project for 2014, assuming the rules aren't too complicated?


  1. A conflict that had passed me by :)

    (Although I was aware of the ongoing border disputes)

  2. If it works please let us know as I was going to go down the home-brew rules route, and I hey I'm lazy :)