Friday, 10 January 2014

Bag The Hun Convoy Game [5]

I'm at a loose end next Tuesday so thought I'd set up a game of Bag the Hun 2 at the club. I have a scenario that I've been thinking about for a few months but haven't got round to finishing, so this is a good opportunity to playtest it before I write it up:
It will be interesting to try out the ground attack rules and the flak rules for a start, using both the 'official' version and the 'lazy' formula from the 2010 Summer Special, which looks a lot less complicated aend more cinematic. I have the aircraft for the game already painted up but will need to improvise some ship markers and, possibly, some splash and damage markers for visual effect.
If it doesn't work or ends too quickly, I'll set up a follow on dogfight game using the cards and planes that I already have. This will be either a late war scenario, making the most of my RAF and Luftwaffe fighters, or another Malta game, with 185 Squadron up against some Me109F's or the usual Italian MC202 opposition.

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