Monday, 13 January 2014

Chain of Command Projects

It's my birthday at the weekend so I've been told to get myself something by the Ministry of the Interior, as she has no idea where to start but is prepared to let slip her iron grip over the cheque book for the occasion. Which is all very nice. Anyway, I've decided to invest my birthday money in a couple of projects specifically designed for Chain of Command.
The first is a Malaya project, using my boxed set of Warlord Japanese as the basis of one platoon sized force, together with  a box of Perry 8th Army plastic figures for the British platoon. I already have most of what I need for this but, as a birthday bonus, I've ordered a Copplestone Lanchester 6 x 4 armoured car. The Japanese will double up for Burma as well, which is handy as I have a potential opponent interested in some Chindits.
The other Chain of Command project is a new venture. This will be a mid-war Russian platoon with some armour support, using Crusader Miniatures infantry and 1st Corp T34/76 tanks. I could have used the plastic Warlord Russian figures for this but I prefer the heft and design of the Crusader figures, especially as the riflemen were on a half price special offer over the weekend.
I will decide which one of these projects to start first, once I've finished my AK47 army, although I'm tempted to kick off with the Russians as they'll be easy to paint using the basecoat and dip approach that I used on the late war US project. I'm looking forward to painting up some more 28mm WW2 things and using them to try out the Chain of Command rules in the not too distant future (I hope!).


  1. A promising couple of projects. I'm getting the CoC rules soon with an eye to getting some Western Desert forces.

  2. Good choice of rules! We have started a North Africa project suing the Perry's platic boxes. It's really un-expensive

  3. I'm looking forward to your russian project!