Saturday, 11 January 2014

Bag the Hun Convoy Game [6]

I spent a few hours working out and typing up the player briefings for the convoy attack scenario that I'm playtesting next Tuesday. I think I've covered all the angles and have given the players enough information to make for a smooth game. We'll have to see if the planning pays off. If all goes to plan, we'll get at least an hour of play per scenario, with some opportunities to re-run the game at least once.

I've also banged together some turn cards and some ship counters, which will stand in for models for the playtest stage of the game. I was lucky to find a colour plan view of a Spica class corvette for the Partenope, but the tanker and steamer are less slick as I pinched them from an old copy of the TTG game U Boat. I've made two versions of the corvette, one small and one large, as I wasn't sure how big it should be?

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