Thursday, 6 March 2014

NEWSFLASH - Peace Talks to open in Gombo (Reuters)

Dr Kenko Gold welcomes Colonel Banga B'oum and President Washington Deesee to the Peace Summit.

From our diplomatic correspondent in Gombo

A new round of regional peace talks have begun in the capitol of the Kingdom of Bagombo, sponsored by the Combined Regional African Peacekeeping mission and hosted by King Mtosi III, in an attempt to resolve the long standing territorial dispute between Bana Soto and Mbote over mineral rights in their disputed border zone.

A guard of honour welcomed the Heads of State at the international airport in Gombo, with a full twenty one gun salute by the Royal Bagomban Army. In a rare display of unity and mutual trust, the President for Life of Zumata, Doctor Kenko Gold, walked alongside Colonel Banga Boum of Mbote and President Washington Deesee of Bana Soto , as they arrived for the summit in Gombo.

Dr Kenko Gold is acting as a mediator in the talks on behalf of the C.R.A.P. peace keeping authority. In a press statement, the President for Life of Zumata emphasized the potential for a meaningful and constructive round of negotiations. The initial round of talks will begin tomorrow after a formal state banquet hosted by King Mtosi at the royal palace in Gombo.

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